Part:1 The Basics

TheHunter is a hunting game that u can hunt animals but there is some pay to win or you could say pay to get better so Thehunter when u take a first look at the game no dah you do have to register a account for free and choose your character's look.

When u have done the registering part it will take you threw a tutorial on the basics of the game like how to hunt deer how to use your gun how to track deer how to hunt pheasants and how to hunt ducks.

When you have done the tutorial u can either buy a membership to hunt any animal or buy em’s to get better gear or you can just hunt the basic animals that are white tail deer ducks and more
As soon as you join a single player game or a multiplayer sever you can see what u have for the basic gear 1’st you get a 243: Nosler Ballistic Tip rifle with a 4.32 mm scope a camera a deer bleat call a 12 ga shotgun with slug shot ammo buckshot ammo and bird shot ammo.

Birdshot ammo is for shooting birds buckshot is for like hunting deer and slug shot for like mostly anything but don't try killing animals you can't hunt or you can’t shoot with the weapon or you will get a unpermitted hit and get a message from doc on what weapons you can use to shoot that animal and also you get a gps to track the animals.

You can shoot doe which is female deer or different doe from  different deer types from sikita to mule deer to white tail and lots more and also black tail

You can also hunt male deer which are Buck they are the ones with big horns or antlers or just like big horns on them you can use your binoculars to check  the breed like mule white etc by aiming your binoculars on the animal in the middle and it will tell you if it's a buck or doe.

Now that you know the basics let’s get a little more into the game itself you can activate missions to get gm’s to buy some things but using gm’s to buy something costs around 2-7 thousand  gm’s if u buy em’s with real money 7$ NZ you can get 500 em’s which is cheaper to buy with real money instead of using a lot of time trying to get one thing when you could be buying things after things after things.

You can also buy membership’s like i said if u buy a 3 month membership you can hunt anything
For a 6 month membership you can hunt anything and you also get 1 item of the game’s choice you can see what that is in the details or you can buy a 12 month membership and get 6+ items.

Part: 2 How to hunt the animals or stalk them

When you get into a sever or match you can hunt get your loadout ready using i to get into your inventory and they walk down where you're going if you’re gps gets a paw on its screen left click and see what animal it is but don't hunt animals you can't when you check the animal there will be a cone shape go the direction of the cone but stay in the lines of the cone and look for a full red dot in the game and left click when you get to it and keep following when the cone get’s black or there is a circle use ctrl to crouch and keep going if u are hunting a deer i suggest you look around yourself first deer are so sensitive even if you are a mile away from it and if  you stand up it will flee what i mean by flee i mean sprint far away so always stay crouched if you are hunting a deer so to make sure you won't scare it you can always go prone.

Part: 3 Aggressive animals
1 : Moose

2 : Bear

3 : Hog

4 : Feral Hog

And lots more

Part : 4 The Shop

In the shop of the hunter you can buy a variety of  cool weapons callers scent sprays decoys large equipment small equipment licences sights mission renews and ammo.

The End!!!

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