Part: 1

Robocraft is a building and fighting game you can make anything you want too from ships to tanks to whatever but it does cost the blocks to build that you can either buy the blocks from the shop or do battles and get crates and earn weapons and blocks.

When you start you can either start the game by signing in with steam id or making a account with a username and password then you get in you can either get the 3 robots you start with by clicking on the garage bay and it will give you a mech a hover vehicle and a tank you can tap e to edit your robot and r to get out.

Part: 2 how to build

So to build a robot click on your clean empty garage bay and tap e to start when you are there tap q to open your blocks weapons wheels and other thing start off by clicking on the wheels and tap on what wheels you want but make sure you have 4 off them to do it or you will not be able to build so when you have placed the wheels or whatever where you want just keep in mind make them close so you can place blocks to connected them.

So now you have placed your wheels tap q click blocks and grab those cubes and left click on the square bits on the wheels to start connecting them up and do that on everyone until you have 2 lines on each connected and then connected the all together by  placing a line off blocks in the middle evenly so they are connected to each other.

Then you have to add your weapons when you start placing them there is a robot cpu level you can upgrade that by doing battles and getting level ups by destroying other people’s robots after you have at least 500 cpu which is level 5 up you can add some good guns or you can just add the plain old guns that you get givin like the front laser hornet which  sits on your fantastic front bit of your robot or whatever and you can also use top laser hornets which sit on the top after you have done building your robot tap r to get out of the building area then tap play and then test robot.

Part: 3 Testing your robot  and doing battles

When you have loaded the testing zone up you can test your robot and how to move around and shoot which you can find out also in the settings under controls and just muck around after you have adjusted your  robot in the edit area and made it how you like  tap play again and tap team deathmatch and wait to get into a battle when you do you will be in like a testing zone but with real people and trying to kill the other team to get to 30 kills then the game ends you always get a crate if you lose or win if you are a high level you get better crates like gold and proto crates and much more to unlock when you are opening your crates you always get new stuff sometimes you always get the same blocks from the start but some different ones too if you get to level 10 up you can start selling your blocks and guns for robits to buy people’s vehicles and things they have made to get better you can buy helicopters planes tanks mech’s insets and much more.

Part: 4 Being the best you can

In the game your goal is to be 1 of the best to get extremely good prices like legendary things you can also get from crates and rare items at the moment the top player on the leaderboard is Slayer in the clan Awesomeness.

Part: 5

The End!!!

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