A couple of weeks ago room 8 room 13 and room 12 went to arion farm park to look at some really cute animals like rabbits goats lamas ponys ducks kune kune pigs goose and chickens. First we got into groups with parents and teachers i was with Miss B and some athor people the first thing we sore were kunekune


In maths we have been going to diffrent maths clases to learn about diffrent things


In reading we have been using sdl tasks so miss b does not have to tell us all the time what where doing


in reading we have being learning to you'es sdl self directed learning


In chooknology we have being learning about how to collect water and make a water collecter devive


in math we have been learning to add and subtract large numbers eg 45 divided by 5 = 7


 In maths we have been learning to add and subtract large numbers eg 45 divided by 5 = 7

fast and furious writing

Once upon a time i went into a huge house and sore a doll so i turned around.When i had turned around i started to walk up stairs.When i had got up stairs i heard a thump then the lights turned off and i heard someone go HAHAHAHA. Then the bedroom door opened and shut. I quickly ran downstairs and sore the doll then it walked away with a scream and laugh. I quickly ran out the door and didnt come back again. I had ran to a beach. My dad called me . He told me there was a monster i could hear it but i could not see it he said it could be heard 100000000000000  miles away


In writting we have being doing information reports on chickens and reptiles