Forest Habitat

W.A.L.T Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live there.

The New Zealand forest has a very damp floor and very very high trees and often water falls.

The New Zealand White tail is a type of arachnid that lives in the New Zealand forest under huge bushes. It feeds on tiny insects like ants and jumping spiders. Its predators are keas and kiwis

  The Kea is a type of bird that is very clever and smart and has some amazing colours like under neath like red orange yellow black and some blue. Its feeds on berries nectar and insects. The Kea is very cheeky it takes off bits of cars and takes food from camp sites.

The Kiwi is a bird that can not fly it likes to burrow into the ground with its long beak and feeds on insects and eats berries. The kiwi is a native new zealand animal.

The food chain is the kea eats the kiwi the kiwi eats the spider and the kea lives