Art Attack

My Art Was Inspired By Raewyn Harris

The steps we did to complete are art were.

The first step was color combinations on a piece of paper to see what would be good.

Our second step was to draw a draft of our art in pencil.

The third step was doing another draft in chalk and then coloring  in parts to see if the dye would work.

Then we had to do our good copy.We had to draw our design in chalk with thick lines.Then we had to color it in neatly.After that we had to dye it then we had completed our art.


WALT use multiplication facts to solve division problems.
I learnt to use multiplication facts to  solve division equations eg
8 x 5=40
40 / 5=8
My next step is solve problems using simple square numbers and can draw what they represent and make a table to show the pattern numerically,