Term 1 Writing

The Hunter

The Hunter is a hunting game with a variety of different kinds of animals from deer to beer elk foxes coyotes and lots more. There are also different guns like the starter rifle the 243.Bolt Action Rifle or the 12 gauge shotgun with comes with buckshot rounds slugs and birdshot for killing birds and deer.

You can buy EM to get better gear for the game like better rifles shotguns and crossbows and bows. At the moment i have a Ten Point Carbon Fusion Crossbow it can hunt all the deer bears elk and birds.

The deer species are. Whitetail. Blacktail. Sitka. Mule. and Roe Deer.
The species for beer are. Brown bear. Black bear. And Albino Bear.
Species for birds. Pheasants. Ducks. And more.
Species for fox. Red fox. Grey fox. And more.

At the start of the game you will get put in a tutorial to learn the ways of The Hunter.
You get to know how to use the Gps. Rifle. And you get to learn how to hunt  different animals.
There are missions that can earn you gm/gms which you can buy ammo and some other things.

The 243.Bolt Action Rifle is permitted to hunt.
There is a description of the animals to hunt.

The Tenpoint Carbon fusion crossbow can hunt.
2..Polar Bear
4..Mule Deer
5..Blacktail Deer
6..Roe Deer
There is a description  of the animals to hunt.
The Maps Are.
Red Feather Falls.
Loggers Point.
Whiterime ridge.
Val De Bois
Settlers Creek.
And More….

WALT: Write a moment in time writing.

The Hunter

I can see the trees swaying around the dented in foot prints of animals and the big rocky mountains in the distance with long green grass and crystal clear water.

I can hear footsteps of fellow hunters walking around hunting down animals with their rifles.
I can hear the sound of animals calling in the distance to get attention and the beautiful water flowing down the river.

I can feel my backpack weighing me down like a bucket full of metal. I can feel my rifle hanging by the back of my head  slowly hitting it every time i walk quickly.

I can taste the delicious chocolate bar I just ate that had melted in my mouth while I was eating it.
I can also taste the healthy sandwich that had tomato, onion, cheese, butter, bread, salt and pepper.