Minecraft Sever PikaNetwork

Part:1 Pika Network.

Once there was a little kid who joined minecraft and played the sever Pika network he joined op
factions 2 which is a pvp  sever with lots of building  making money to get better gear and joining factions to get better.

When the little kid joined he started off with a whole bunch of top gear he had 2 sets of really good diamond armour with the enchantments of protection 10 and unbreaking 5 on all the armour pieces.

The weapons he got were 2 diamond enchanted swords with fire aspect 2 unbreaking 4 doombringer poison lifesteal and sharpness 15.

The other bits were a starter bow with arrow rain power 5 infinity and unbreaking 3.

He also had blocks he had 2 stacks of diamond blocks 2 stacks of emerald 2 stacks of coal 2 stacks of iron and 2 stacks of redstone for the resources. The other blocks were 4 stacks of bedrock 32 64 enderchests 64-32 enchantment tables and   end stone blocks and the last thing 1 stack of obsidian.

So the little boy set off to the ranks with the command /warp ranks he read all the ranks and rules the rules were no glitching ranks and no hacking. So the little boy listened he brought the rank guardian with lots of money he just didn't know how much cause he brought it already he was so happy he got his first rank he did /kit guardian and got such good loot but not the best he got some armour and a sword the sword was just a sharpness 10  with  unbreaking on it

Then he did /spawn to get to the main area he saw lots of people flying so he did /warp ranks again and looked for the rank with /fly it was superhero but he couldn't get it he didn't have the money and also there was lots more ranks before that to get it so he did /warps and looked at all the warps he found /warp grinder and went to it he started killing mobs like skeletons creepers blazes zombies and spiders he got lots of money.

Soon he was at 42 million dollars he brought all the ranks to get superhero he got superhero and did /spawn and did /fly and off he was flying around then there was a vote party he got a piston he placed it and got 5 million dollars he saved it up then he went to the shop and bought loads of god apples not golden apples god apples god apples are apples that are  a shiny golden he ate 1 and got regen 2 for 15 secs absorption for 2-3 minutes fire resistance and went to look at the warps he found /warp pvp /warp pvp2 and /warp pvp cave he went /warp pvp he had to wait 3 seconds to teleport there so he waited when he got there he saw lots of people killing each other to get loot so the kid did /pv 1 and stored all he loot and keep 64 god apples on him he jumped in.

But when he did he got scared and then people started hitting him with some sort of good sword but he was hitting them back and then the guy didn't eat a  god apple and the kid killed him and got some loot he didn't check he waited to get out of combat and did /warp pvp he waited then he found a ender chest in the spawn area of the pvp he opened it and stored all the guys loot but then in chat the guy was sad and had tp’ed to the kid the kid accept he’s tpa and gave him his loot back then the guy paid the kid a lot of money so the kid said thank you in chat oh and did i forget to tell u his name the kids name was xXRexXx the kid went to /warp ranks and bought batman rank and joker rank he had now the commands to do /heal /feed /fix /nick to change his nickname color /fly and he had the command to do /pv 1 /pv 2 and etc until /pv 10.

Then a guy named TogglePvP asked if anyone wanted to join his faction xXRexXx said yes in chat and Togglepvp did /f invite xXRexXx and Rex did /f join togglepvp and then he was in his very first faction name demon lords the kid did /f help and looked at all the /f commands he did /f home and he went to the faction home he was amazed on how big the base was the guy had made a 100 by 100 with lots of cool art of the walls the kid decided to ask in /f c f which is faction chat only he asked togglepvp if he could have 82000000 million dollars to get rank titan but togglepvp said no because he was trying to rank up to champion rank he needed 42 million dollars but poor xXRexXx had only 8-9 million dollars because he was to lazy to grind in /warp grinder for a few hours  so he hopped off for a bit from factions.

Part:2 building my own base!!!.

When the little kid logged on his was so sad he had seen people raiding his base so the kid did /fly and went off to a area no one was in and went up to a really high height  and started building a base he made the floor out of bedrock and the walls on the inside after 2 hours of building the box which was a 50 by 50 he used his redstone blocks to make a pattern in the floor and then used glass and lava to put in the gaps when he’s faction did /f home they were so happy the new kid had made them a new base with there own rooms with there names on them with a little treat he got from the start he gave them each 32 diamond blocks each

TogglePvP said thank u soo soo much we are soo happy u made us a basse here is a little present togglepvp gave the kid a promote to moderator  so he could do /f claim and /f sethome

Part:3 The faction member names

The names were Leader-TogglePvP Moderators - xXRexXx   JJGaming Skunkplayz and AwesomeGaming

The Members were -Champion and MegaBytes.

They were the awesome people who let the kid join the faction and have a great time.

If u want to join the minecraft faction sever the sever name is Pikanetwork.net

The End

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