Multicultural week

What: I was involved in a variety of activities on Multicultural week. I was involved in Chinese doing chop sticks to pick up jelly beans and marbles. I also learned about Russia and Israel.

I learnt that in Russia there is a castle made with no nails. Also it can get up  to -71 degrees.
 I liked how in Russia in summer it's always light and in winter it's always dark.
I was most fascinated by the fact that in Russia it takes 1 week to get from the west to east side or east to west side on a train.
I learnt that in Israel they have the Dead Sea and it's the lowest place in the world and that In Israel when you're 18 you have to go into the army. I was also fascinated by that in Israel they have a bird called the Hoopoe.
I enjoyed doing Chinese because I got to learn how to use chopsticks and that China looks like a chicken.

A question I want to ask is why did they build the Great Wall of China.

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